an instant of life captured for all eternity

This weekend was a really fun one.  On Saturday we went to Museum Africa, a great museum filled a lot of mismatched things, the free entrance was what inspired us to go check it out, but the architecture and photography was what got my little heart racing, and because we were kind of close to the airport we decided to pop in and go look at planes taking off and landing. I love airports, I love being in one seeing people arrive, the excitement on peoples faces and the memories it brings back, of my dad taking me to the airport when I couldn’t sleep as a child.


^^ The entrance to the museum.  It has carved busts on all the pillars.  Some of them have been knocked down, but its still an impressive entrance.


^^ Wooden busts.


^^ This is such an impressive museum, filled with amazing things.

DSCF5399new DSCF5442new

^^ The architecture is just wonderful, and really nice to look at.


^^ Robot wars? Or just really cool art.


^^ Portraits of people on one of the coolest walls, I ever did see.


^^ Camera family tree?


^^ I would ride this thing all around the neighbourhood!


^^ This was insanely creepy.  The blood on the floor, the whips, the tyre swing and the grave that kept flashing on the screen.


^^ Carl is all about the surprise photo these days, and my mouth seems to be open the whole time.


^^ Really artsty photo, we really embraced our pretentiousness here.  I call it Reflections.


^^ Check out my new house! Just kidding, but I get the surprise photos now.


^^ Just look at this place, no wonder my mouth cant seem to close.


^^ Surprise photo and my open mouth.

DSCF5439new DSCF5438new

^^ Reflection photos.  I just need a pipe.

DSCF5481new DSCF5479new

^^ shadow play!

DSCF5456new DSC_1252new

^^Trying to take a photo of this photo-ception, was difficult indeed.


^^ The mirror selfie worked out a little better, I don’t know what Carl’s face is doing.


^^ I really liked the look of this wire face.


^^ Its like everyone seems to have spotted something behind me.


^^ This kaleidoscope was really fun.  I felt really dizzy when I tried to crawl out.


^^ The Carl face take over.

DSCF5474new DSCF5477new

^^ A collection of cameras


^^ Hmmmm what do these photos mean?! I don’t know what he’s thinking.


^^ Sneaky Self timer photo.


^^ So many things to look at!


^^ The observations deck at the airport.


^^ planes!DSC_1282new

^^ Yummy sandwich!


^^ We’ve been rewatching friends! What a fun show

What did you do this weekend?

an instant of life captured for eternity

Hello lovelies! I hope everyone had a great weekend and start the week. Mine has been terrible, we had an attempted break in the other day, and I’ve been an emotional wreck ever since, hence my absence.

Its strange how the brain, takes you to the what if’s.  This is what happened.  I was home alone by myself, when I kept hearing a soft scratch at the door, I wasn’t really bothered by it, because I just assumed it was one of the dogs, but for some reason I decided to go check what was going on.  I looked out the window and could see a man standing at the door, bending.  At this point of time my heart was racing and for some odd reason I just opened the door.  What I saw was a man standing with a knife and crowbar, trying to break open the security gate.  I started breathing heavily and slammed the door in his face.  The thing that freaked me out the most was that he didn’t run away instantly, its like he was still contemplating if he could do this.  A minute or seconds went by and I saw him jumping over the barbed wire fence without any trouble.

I called Carl and he came rushing home.  The police arrived an hour later and told me to by a gun….Yes, a gun.  They left without even asking anything, they just told me to get a gun and that I should have chased after this guy.

I’ve been really scared for the last couple of days, first of all I think I didn’t react like I think I should have and every smallest sound makes me jump.  Thinking about the what if’s is driving me crazy, but a friend told me you can’t live in fear, you just have to carry on.

So here I am carrying on, and looking on the bright side.  In two weeks, I’m marrying the love of my life, we’ve decided we want to be together, we love each other completely and we can’t afford to waste money, in our attempt to get out of this country.  So we’ve decided to just go get married, we want to write vows for each other and read it to each other at our honeymoon spot, and maybe on our  1 year anniversary we will have a little ceremony with friends and family.

DSCF5320new DSCF5321new DSCF5331new DSCF5332new

^^ This looks like a weird family collage, but I get to marry this unbelievably handsome fellah, when I’m just so weird.  Look at that haircut.  Gosh, its good.

Happy Wednesday.

an instant of life captured for eternity

Happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a magical weekend and if you celebrated the 4th of July you had a lovely time with family and friends, we actually saw some fireworks being shot off on Friday, just a couple, but I did tell Carl we should go make friends with those people.

Carl really wanted a haircut to look more professional and like usual I got bullied into cutting his hair, after endless explanations of what he wanted and googling photos, I finally gave in and just cut the man’s hair.  I’m just going to float my own boat for a second and say, I did a great job!


^^ Carl asked me to take some photos of him looking professional for a couple of websites.  Somehow he forgot how to smile and ended up looking like this. He was also doing strange things with his neck and head, we finally got one natural looking photo.  Its not this one.


^^ This is how you get someone to relax. Compliment them.


^^ Get silly! Hide your daughters!


^^ Number one!


^^ I saw a dog and needed to go stroke it.  So fluffy!


^^ A wanted poster on the fence to a park……I don’t know what worries me more, the fact that its a wanted poster, or the fact that so many people think or think they will see these guys.


^^ Its so dry.


^^ Seems like a lovely place to think…if you’ve seen those murderers around.


^^Pretty clouds on a hot Winters day.


^^ He looks like a young lad, without his beard.


^^ Photo bomb!


^^ I love this wall!


^^ Thumbs up for Darwin!


^^ This is actually a broken down reservoir that’s been beautified.


^^ Before and after.


^^ Soy chocolate milkshake.  This milkshake was just okay, but it did clear up any suspicions I had about having a sensitivity to soy.  This gave me sever stomach cramps. Carl thinks my body hates me, this coming from the guy that’s allergic to potato and peanuts.


^^ Waiting for my milkshake.


^^ Maybe I should just stick to water.


^^ Carl taking a photo of me taking a photo of him.


^^ Reservoir!


^^ I’m going to miss this view.

How was your weekend?

Why we are leaving…


Why are we leaving South Africa? Is it the crime? the constant loadshedding? the fact that we basically live on murder street? No.

Since I can remember, I’ve never felt like I belong here. One of my earliest memories is getting asked what I want to do when I’m older and saying ” I want to go oversees, it doesn’t matter where.  I just want to go”.

One of the things I love doing is walking, I want to be able to walk around my neighbourhood or walk to a shop without having to pepperspray someone ( this, has happened to me everywhere I’ve lived), but mostly I want to travel I don’t want to be at the bottom of the world, I want to experience a first world country.  I want an adventure and I’ve already seen everything in South Africa and you know what I still don’t feel like I belong here.  Yes, there are lots of people that love it here and want to stay, seeing a reason to stay,and that’s great for them. Those are the people that feel like this is their home.  I’ve moved around a lot, but I can never truly call South Africa, home.  Maybe I’m just a gypsy spirit made to never find a place to call home, or maybe I will find the place I can call home soon.  Only time will tell.

I no longer want to feel desensitised to crime.  Carl almost got robbed on Saturday, after grabbing the phone out of this guys hand, and swearing at him, we carried on with our day like nothing happened.  I know the whole world has crime, and I completely understand, why people have to steal, the poverty here is insane, but I just want to feel a little safer.

I’m supporting Carl in his quest to better himself, with a honours in Bcom business management with specialisation in general management and a distinction in international business, he is also enrolled in the CFA program at the moment, obviously this guy means business 😉 He doesn’t want to stay in this country and stop growing, never getting challenged, he wants to be great.

That is why this new adventure awaits us.  Yes, I know it will be hard and challenging, but great memories and determination, comes from working towards something.  I’m ready for this adventure to begin.

an instant of life captured for eternity

Some weekends just outshine the rest and this weekend was one of the best of my life.  On Sunday my best friend, soul bro and all around amazing guy asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!

It was the best proposal ever! He took me to a little forest and while walking around, he got on his knee, broke a branch, hurt himself and proposed.  I could not stop laughing and after saying the most beautiful things, I shed a few tears. I’m so excited to be spending the rest of my life and eternity with this guy, he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me, he makes me want to be the best person I can be and is always pushing me to try new things.  Without him I would not be overcoming so many fears I have and be able to take a risk of going for a new adventure out of this country.

I’m excited to share our lives together, have fun and always play, because life is t short not to have fun.

DSCF5053new DSCF5056new DSCF5059new DSCF5060new DSCF5065new DSCF5068new

^^ Carl bought himself this beautiful trench coat this weekend.  I think he’s in love.


^^ In this forest we got engaged. I was really bummed I didn’t get a photo of him hurting his knee, but I was laughing way to much.


^^ Pretty ring!


^^ A really unflattering photo, but it captures the moment.


^^ Pretty skies.


^^ Belphie is not sure how to feel about our engagement.


^^ ending the day off with this doggy sitting on my lap! what a happy day!

How was your weekend?

Just Go With The Flow


So many big things happening can really mess with your mind.  I mean I’ve never been scared of flying yet, last night while lying in bed I kept googling if they make sure the checked in bags don’t have bombs in them.  Yes, obviously I’m stressing myself out, but with the date for our departure getting closer and closer, I’m turning into a crazed freak. So much to do so little time!

It all started with Belphie, now a few things you need to know.  Belphie was a stray cat that kept breaking into our house stealing food and sleeping in the spare room that we hardly went into.  One day I casually strolled into the room, and immediately froze.  On the bed was the skinniest most sickly looking cat I’ve seen.  Of course he started yoda earing and hissing, but like the little animal rescuer I am, I had one of those ” need to safe this cat” moments and commenced with closing all the windows and luring him with tuna and milk ( Carl’s brothers food).  Three days went by of him coming here for food and so the cuddles started, the third day, was the day he never left  again. I mean I have to go outside with him so he can go pee.  Today Belphie is a spoilt cat, going through only child syndrome, he doesn’t like, cats, birds, dogs, horses and people.  Sometimes I’m not sure he likes us.   He cuddles you one second and brutally attacks you the next.  He poops on the couch when you don’t pay attention to him.  He’s living the good life now and refuses certain foods, he begs for anything you are eating and you can’t come into the house with french fries.  He absolutely loves french fries and goes mental when he sees them.  After an incredibly long couple of hours with him abusing me and peeing on the couch while looking at me, I reached a breaking point.  What are we going to do with Belphie?!  Carl’s parents said they would take him and take care of him for us, but what if he goes on a complete murderous spree and bites everyone in the house, will they still be so kind? and keep him?   I should just believe everything will be fine. Belphie PLEASE be good!

These will be the last couple of months when we still have all our stuff and our house wont be barren.  We’ve decided to sell all our belonging in October and November.  Starting fresh somewhere else requires a fresh start in all aspects of our life.  We want to be comfortable over there, so selling everything and getting the money for it will be great.  I’m not a hoarder in any sense, but everything in this house is basically memories of our relationship, that still makes my heart fuzzy, I’m a sucker for memory keepsakes, but I’m trying to remember that memories stay in your heart forever, and the memories we will be making with this adventure will be the best times ever.  As long as I’m with Carl that’s all I need….and my camera, I want to capture those memories!

In an attempt to save money Carl has decided to go vegan for a month, just to see if it will be cheaper and if it will help with his tummy issues.  I’ll be documenting his experiences, and how he feels, during this time.  We’ve also been talking about Carl writing a post about what it was like growing up with an autistic brother, and what its like for the siblings in these situations.  What do you think? would this be a good post?

and lastly.  My blog has become so much more than vegan recipes.  I started this blog as a way to escape a bad relationship I was just not happy in and now I’m happy, content, and enjoying documenting my life and all the experiences I’m dealing with.  Its become a way for me to vent and talk about all the stuff I’m interested in even if its just photos of my life.  I’ve been thinking about a blog name change for a while and finally came up with a perfect name.  The perfect name came from a lot of over thinking and asking Carl for the lyrics of a song he wrote for me and when I read the lyrics, I told him. “well that sounds like a melodramatic adventure”. And so my blog will soon be named MELodramatic adventures, hey when it has your name in it you know its meant to be.

And so the longest blog post in the history of blog posts comes to an end. Thanks for letting me get my rant out!

an instant of life captured for eternity

This year sure is flying by! With a to do list that keeps piling up, as we get closer and closer to our anticipated move out of South Africa date, stress sure can sneak up on you.  Its actually strange I don’t feel that stressed out or scared.  I’m ready for this change, and all the fun that it will bring.  Carl is studying a lot, trying to be as prepared as possible for his CFA exam in December, but we’ve still managed to have some fun, with a busy schedule.

Please take note of the terrible photos Carl takes.  He’s got a gift for blurry pictures.


^^ Kitty cuddles.  A couple of minutes after this photo was taken, Belphie bit me so hard on my ribs I was winded, just because I got up.


^^ African market browsing.


^^ Dirty Belphie sunning himself.


^^ Thrift shop browsing.  The extreme dryness has been doing a number on my hair, but at least I have a fluffy coat.


^^ That moment you realize you look like a centaur.


^^ Pretty lamp post.


^^ Everyday he’s studying.


^^ Blue skies and cold air.


^^ Green juice and no make up.  Beautiful days.


^^ Green juice with a view.


^^ The last leaf on this tree.

DSCF4854new DSCF4862new

^^ Self timer photos sure are fun.  Yet again we are wearing a similar outfit.


^^ Surprise dip.  My hat got stolen by Carl here.


^^ When the kiss is so good your leg pops.


^^ Posing.


^^ I think this is hat abuse.


^^ Someone call the hat police


^^ Such a happy guy.  I have so much fun with him everyday.


^^ Charlie Chaplin’s son?


^^ Lots of guys, at the back of our house.


^^ The Drive home.


^^ The can you believe what Belphie is doing face.  We have this face a lot.

Happy Monday.  I hope everyone had a lovely Fathers day and weekend.  What did you do this weekend?

an instant of life captured for eternity

Some weekends turn into fun family get togethers.  Carl’s parents decided to pop in over the weekend.  Now they don’t stay close to us at all, its a 5-6 hour drive to get to us, but when you really miss your sons you don’t care about that.

Our weekend was filled with chickens, a dog that was sporting the cone of shame, walks and of course family.  Photographs make memories last forever, so lets rather take a look at all my memories captured.

DSCF4598new ^^ Horses just playing around.


^^ This photo makes me giggle! Dogs just playing around.  That seems like regret in the one dogs eyes.


^^ Beautiful African Inspired dresses. Just look at those colours.


^^ We have a pot of doom in our house.  Every plant we’ve put in it has died.  All the other plants are doing great, except everything that enters that pot.


^^ Thumbs up for flowers shopping.


^^ The nursery we went to has a lovely coffee shop, filled with cute stray cats.  Just look at this guy.  I’ve names him toothy.


^^ Festive Cacti.


^^ Walks in the park, before we head over to Carl’s Aunts house for a family lunch.


^^ Grampa jacket chic?


^^ Silly face!


^^  Just look at all those leaves.


^^ Yes, Carl and I are wearing almost the exact same shirt.  We didn’t realize this until we got to the park.


^^ Pretty leaves.


^^ Magical light!


^^ Some places really catch your imagination.


^^ Beautiful colours!


^^ This park is so beautiful and tranquil.


^^ I didn’t think anyone would fish here, but okay.


^^ Carl is always taking photos behind my back.  pssh, men.


^^ Socks hanging from a tree.  I don’t know what’s the deal with this.


^^ Can my soul be made out of rainbows? I think so.


^^ Carl’s new hobby, is taking photos of me taking photos.


^^ These things were everywhere.


^^ Handwoven baskets.


^^ Wondrous light.


^^ Carl looks so natural with this chicken.


^^ Just call me the dog whisperer.


^^ Carl’s Aunts house is filled with these wire and beads statues.


^^ You know that moment you look at a photo and go . Gosh, I should have worn more make up.  That’s this photo for me.


^^ Carl’s family photo.


^^ Chickens making a run for the house.


^^ Carl and his parents.  They look so happy.


^^ Chickens, just popping out of every nook and cranny.


^^ Conversations everywhere.


^^ I’ve loving named this guy, Coney.


^^ This is a hand crochet table cloth, done by Carl’s grandmother.  It looks like lace.


^^ Perfectly stacked wood.


^^ Talking abut hiking trails.


^^ Because you can’t go to a lunch without bringing flowers.

What did you do this weekend?

an instant of life captured for eternity

We started our weekend off with a bang.  We build the most incredible fort ever.  Okay, it might have been a little intense, we had rope all around the house and we only took the it down on Sunday.  It was really difficult to move around the house so it was best to just sit in the fort, it did have fairy lights and the t.v inside so it was all good.  We watched failure to launch and you’ve got mail, during failure to launch a big spider decided to scare the living daylights out of us, it felt right to just abandon the fort and destroy it the next morning.


^^ The moon, just sitting pretty.


^^ Who needs to go to a party on a Friday, when your fort already looks like one.


^^ Walking around a farm.  Their winter crops don’t look so good, but these lemon trees sure are filled with lemons.


^^ Resting bitch face?


^^ Just Carl taking a photo of me taking a photo.  Photo-ception


^^ The grass is way to green here.  We are having a drought, but this grass looks so good.  It was nice to see green grass again.


^^ I’m really excited! YAAAAY


^^ We wandered around the farm and found this sweet forest area.


^^ Sometimes you buy eggplant that looks like a face.


^^ Carl surprised me with flowers.


^^ they look so friendly


^^ Doesn’t this look familiar.  More studying for Carl.


^^ When life gives you lemons?


^^ I’ve decided all pansies should be on a wall.


^^ Blue skies and pretty smiles.


^^ This lettuce is the size of a head.  A very large head.  A dinosaur head.


^^ I really wanted to pick all the kale.  All of it.


^^ A lonely wheelbarrow just chilling.


^^ Self timer kissing photo! Number 100?  DSCF4450

^^ My thumbs up buddy.


^^ Pretty view.



^^ Twilight zone?


^^ Pssh, what a poser.


^^ Its like he wants to be in an ad on tv.


^^ Beautiful trees everywhere.  We had a run in the forest, because that’s what you are suppose to do right?

DSCF4488 DSCF4490

^^ That’s a kudu.


^^ Such a happy camper.


^^ What a face.


^^ Pinecones everywhere.


^^ Sunday mushroom grilling!!!


^^ Hats and flowers the best combo.


^^ Our house is ridiculously cold, so this is how Carl studies.

What did you do this weekend?

an instant of life captured for all eternity

You know those weekend that just seems to fly by and you are all like whaaat? I haven’t done anything great yet!  That was my weekend, it wasn’t a bad weekend at all, it just raced past without me actually realizing it had started yet.  On Sunday late in the afternoon I had to go shopping. Treat Yo’self 2015 arrived and it was glorious.  Some things I realized.  I can fit into a boys 13-14 shirt without it looking weird, I think it might be the best shirt I’ve ever known, I really like nail polish, I don’t know if I bought the ugliest shoes or the most glorious shoes the entire planet has ever seen?  I also bought Carl a spectacular pair of sunglasses, mainly, because he steals my sunglasses all the time and I’ve kind of been forcing him to wear his actually glasses out and never put in contacts so I can wear my own sunglasses.


^^ We popped in to say Happy Birthday to Carl’s brother.


^^ Hey Friday or should I say study day.


^^ This is what I do while Carl studies.


^^ Wrinkled sheets, cats and books.  Friday, you were kinda great.


^^ I’ve got this problem.  I start reading a book, see another book and start reading that one.  This cycle is just not ending.


^^ I’m in love with these flowers.  Look at them. Embrace them. Make your life all about these things.


^^ I was trying to take a photo of Carl, but couldn’t figure out why it was so smoky the whole time.  After my tenth photo I realized I was burning incense.


^^ I cleaned out a cupboard the other day and found my little tea cover.  Isn’t it just the prettiest thing you have ever seen?


^^ An extremely happy Carl with his new sunglasses.  Check out his jacket.  He is completely in love with it.


^^ We started posing away a storm here.


^^ Pretty skies and a moon saying Hello early.


^^ These photos does not do the sky any justice.


^^ Walking around in the field close to our house.


^^ Just taking photos in my really cosy outfit.  It does not feel cold here at all, but our house.  Our house has decided to take winter and place it inside.  We’ve tried every thing to heat it up.


^^ The face of someone staring at the moon.


^^ I told you he loves this jacket.


^^ Shadow selfies.  The joys of living in South Africa, you need bars on all your windows.

DSCF4217new DSCF4218new

^^ Because hats need to be a part of your decor.

What did you get up to this weekend