What I wore Wednesday

Oh, Wednesday.  Here you are again.  The days are flying by and I’m loving it.  I’ve been feeling really calm about our move lately and like its just the perfect thing ever, so now it bums me out thinking how long 5 months are going to take.  I’m just going to enjoy my last couple of months here and just embrace it as it happens.

My latest cupboard cleansing has made me realize what clothes I just love and what I want to get, but this what I wore Wednesday should be called.  My favourite outfit ever!  I love this outfit,  I don’t think the photos do it justice.  It really makes my waist look tiny and I love it. Also stripes! Gah, I’m just to excited, lets just look at the outfit.


^^ Its always a hat day.


^^ stripes, scarves and oversized jackets.


^^ This is a really short  shirt and I don’t like exposing myself for the world to see ( I’m the palest of pale and If you get a glimpse at my stomach you would think I’m wearing a white shirt), so highwaisted jeans make this a perfect outfit for me.


^^ I love a good scarf.


What’s the one outfit you love? Its strange how a modest outfit can make you feel classy and sexy.


What I wore Wednesday ft. Dogs and Horses

The days seem to be flying by.  At the blink of an eye its already time for What I wore Wednesday.  I’ve been doing some intense cleansing of my wardrobe, trying to get rid of everything I don’t wear any more or don’t wear often enough to keep.  Now I have a giant pile of clothes and shoes, sitting against the wall mocking me.  I guess I could move it, but I feel like its great inspiration for Carl to start the cleanse of his clothes.

My style is all over the place, I like  a bit of everything and think the world is to beautiful not to take risks with clothes.

The dogs came for a visit during my photo taken, as well as an injured horse. Apparently I’m real interesting in the animal kingdom.

DSCF4934new ^^ I don’t think these sunglasses suit my face.  They’re also Carl’s, that’s what I get for wearing his stuff.


^^ Dogs being dogs.  This dog is a complete nuisance.  He’s eaten grout, matches and putty.  I don’t know how he’s alive or what he’s trying to make in his tum tum.


^^ A very brown background.  Its so dry here, my skin is hating it.

DSCF4950new DSCF4951new

^^ Horse with an injured leg and a tiny horse.


^^ I just want to colour this kimono in.


Shirt. Similar Here

Kimono. Similar Here.

Shorts. Similar Here

Sunglasses. Similar here.

Combat Boots Similar here

What I wore -Winds-day

Yesterday we said goodbye to Carl’s parents.  They came over and we talked about our plan for the end of the year.  We’ve decided to leave South Africa for greener pastures, we are now in the process of making that happen.  It was a great relieve for the parents to be completely on board with our decision and seem so excited and happy for us.  Its a scary and really exciting time for us, we know its the best thing we can do for our future, and especially for Carl that will be writing his CFA exam in December, we want him to be able to grow in a company and not be held back for certain reasons, which happens in our country, but lets stop talking about this for now.

Today is extremely windy, and unlucky for me I woke up with amazing hair.  Beautifully tasselled almost styled looking hair.  Now, I’m working with a hot tangled mess.  So prepare yourself for What I wore windsday hair.

DSCF4788new DSCF4789new DSCF4791new

Boyfriend Jeans – Similar here

T shirt – Similar here

Oversized Blazer – Similar here

What I wore Wednesday – Tomboy Chic

The happiest of Wednesday’s to you!  I’m having one of those day’s where femininity is just not on the card for the day.  Red lipstick is girly enough for me today.

I’m going to tell you a secret….most of this outfit is not even mine.  The shirt and jersey, that’s Carl’s, he’s got great clothes and he like squeezing in small shirt’s, which means perfect slightly baggy shirts for meeeee.  The hat was left at our house and now I will be wearing it until I return it.  Its a great hat, and it just makes me want to go buy more hats.

I also chopped off my hair a couple of days ago.  Carl took a photo of me from behind and I had one of those “my hair looks like that?!” moments.  I’m loving the shorter hair and how healthy it feels.  Now lets  how I don’t get scissors happy and cut all of it off.


^^ Its really windy outside.



^^ I’m holding my hat, not pointing at my crotch :O


^^ I wish I had sunglasses on.


^^ That moment a horse looks at you like you might be insane.


Jersey – Similar Here

Pants- Similar Here

Hat  – Similar Here

Beatles shirt – Similar Here

Boots – Similar Here 

What I wore Wednesday/ Grunge crazy


Today is not a hat day.  I know, it feels like my entire blog revolves around hats these days.  Today is all about ugly shoes, or the most amazing shoes that ever lived!

I’ve been searching for just the right pair of ugly, but really cool shoes.  You know the type, right? The ones you can’t stop looking at, because are they just really ugly? or just oozing out amazing?  When I tried these shoes on it felt like it was just meant to be, I felt like Cinderella just found her rightful shoe.

On a completely different note! Its raining! Yay! I can’t even remember the last time it rained here, if you ever want to know what its like living in Joburg during winter, just imagine really dry weather.  Also on that note imagine complete darkness when you get home, because you just got loadshedded.  If you don’t know what loadshedding is you are so lucky and would you mind adopting me so I can move to your country?!

Now lets look at some outfits, yeah?


^^ Hideously beautiful, no?


^^ A drop fell on my head.  I still managed to keep my resting b*&#^ face strong.

DSCF4254new ^^ You are starting to warm to the shoes aren’t you?


^^ Stare off with a horse.

P.S.  Do you remember the 13 -14 year boys shirt I was talking about a few posts back….This would be it.

Flannel shirt – Similar here

High-waisted – Similar here

Shoes – Here

What I Wore Wednesday…and a side note on kindness

The boyfriend jeans, may just be the  pair of pants I live in forever.  Hot damn! These are comfy!  Its also great to be nice to my body  sometimes and say no skinnies today! Paired with a t-shirt and some blue shoes, I’m ready to go kick the days bum or just chill at home listening to records.  The point is this is a really comfy yet versatile outfit.

DSCF4003new DSCF4026new DSCF4030new DSCF4009new

Boyfriend Jeans: Similar here

Tshirt: similar here

Shoes: Similar here

Pleather Jacket: similar here


After reading some rather disturbing comments on a vegan humour page, that made me cringe and feel ashamed of people, I’ve decided to just get it off my chest.   What’s happened to kindness? Kindness towards humans? I have so much faith in people, and the willingness/ability to change.  I Know there is a lot of bad stuff, but I try to focus on the good,  because there is a lot of good if you’re willing to actually look.  I’ve had some horrible things happen to me, but I’ve forgiven, not only people, but myself.  Everyday I’m working on changing myself to be the person I want to be.  Living with kindness in my heart, being able to forgive (and forget), believing in peoples ability to change, because we all make mistakes ( I blame our silly brains),  patience and understanding (not just reacting) and being happy, because happiness makes you shine brighter than any star.  I made the decision to stop acting like such a cool kid and actually be who I am and I realized I like being “good” and I really like who I am.  Yes, I’ve lost some friends,  they are on their own path and still like the drinking, crazy life, maybe one day our paths will connect again, but for now I like being good.

Thanks for letting me get my rant out! That felt good!

Is that Catty Potter?!

Due to camera issues yesterday What I wore Wednesday did not happen, but to make up for it I bring you a mash up!  What I wore Wednesday mixed up with I just finished my first hogwarts house scarf! YAAAAAY! GRIFFINDOR!

I think if I were accepted to hogwarts I would never be in Griffindor.  I think I’m more of a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff kind of girl, but I’m determend to knit all the hogwarts house scarves so one day when I have a child, I can convince it that Carl and I both went to hogwarts.

Belphie is included in my griffindor scarf fashion show, because he makes such a wonderful little Harry Potter!


^^ A born Griffindor.


^^ Byyyyye, I’ll see you guys on the Hogwarts Express.


^^ This is my ” Oh NO! I still have 3 more scarves to goooooo!” Face.

Happy Thursday guys.

What I wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

Today I feel silly and just couldn’t stand still for a photo, maybe Carl was right all along with saying that.  So get ready for some silly photos and really red lipstick.

DSC05074new DSC05075new DSC05085new

Similar shirt here

Similar Skirt here

Wedges here

Peace out!

What I wore Wednesday


Happy Wednesday everyone.  You are halfway done with the week or maybe its your weekend already thanks to your work?  What ever the case might be its time for another what I wore Wednesday!

I have a hard time finding pants that look good on me, its all thanks to my mothers side of the family.  I inherited the shortness and no bum at all from them, sometimes I long to have inherited my dad’s tallness and beautiful green eyes, instead I got his giant ears….Thanks Dad.  Hey, its not all bad, my mom’s side of the family are known to age amazingly well.

Okay, okay enough about that.  The pants in this what I wore Wednesday was a great find for me, you know that moment you go try on a pair a pants and they just work.  That’s what these do, also check out my ankles, if this was Victorian times, I would be exiled for indecent exposure!

DSC04951 DSC04952 DSC04973 DSC04974

Fringed Kimono.  Similar here

Black Skinny Jeans.  Similar here

Red Bowlers Hat. Similar here.

What I Wore Wednesday

Happy Wednesday everybody.

This What I wore Wednesday is inspired by me trying to prove a point to Carl.  It all started a week ago when I told him I will no longer try to look pretty for him. because he just doesn’t appreciate it.  Instead  I will wear sweat shirts, pants and crazy hair, his response? but you will look cute!  I set off to make him regret saying that and when he saw me all he couldn’t stop saying how cool I looked, well that backfired and  I really like this outfit.

This is the what  I wore Wednesday spite edition. haha

DSC04796 DSC04797