Is that Catty Potter?!

Due to camera issues yesterday What I wore Wednesday did not happen, but to make up for it I bring you a mash up!  What I wore Wednesday mixed up with I just finished my first hogwarts house scarf! YAAAAAY! GRIFFINDOR!

I think if I were accepted to hogwarts I would never be in Griffindor.  I think I’m more of a Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff kind of girl, but I’m determend to knit all the hogwarts house scarves so one day when I have a child, I can convince it that Carl and I both went to hogwarts.

Belphie is included in my griffindor scarf fashion show, because he makes such a wonderful little Harry Potter!


^^ A born Griffindor.


^^ Byyyyye, I’ll see you guys on the Hogwarts Express.


^^ This is my ” Oh NO! I still have 3 more scarves to goooooo!” Face.

Happy Thursday guys.

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